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Kotlin Backend & Multi-platform

At Actarus, our prime language is Kotlin. We use it mainly on the server side and love its immutability principles by default, the first class tooling, the fast compilation and the coroutines.

Typescript Framework Agnostic

When Kotlin is not an option, or when we develop for the browser, our language of choice is Typescript. A great typing system is the first protection against bugs, and its wide adoption guarantees that all libraries we will have to use come typed ou of the box.

Kubernetes Deployment

Kubernetes lets us deploy in style on any Cloud Provider and scale at will. make it easy to set up our Infrastructure with github and Code

Advanced Monitoring & Probing

We have developed a complete set of monitoring tools, tailor made for our needs. It allows us to probe deployments to catch faults early and prevent outages.

State of the Art Development Workflow

We rely on great CI/CD workflows to make sure our builds are reproducible, our tests are passing and our code is working as expected.

No Bullshit Project Management

We work with our clients to provide rapid iterations and we are not afraid to say no. We focus on delivering the most adapted product for your needs and accompany you from the specs to the release.